Magda Cornelius Art Studio

Magda Cornelius offers Paintings,  Paint Techniques, Murals and Art classes.

This website’s aim is to be useful in contacting the artist, used as a directory of work done by the artist, and to explore ideas to develop options for commissions.
My aim is to produce artwork that has a quality of durability, originality and at the same time customized.
By communicating the client can be included in the development of concept, ideas and the design. This way we can work towards a satisfying end result. Work can be done on canvas or on site (accommodation and travelling costs will be included in quotation).

The Products:
Décor for theatre, commercials, functions etc.
Decorative Techniques- Dragging and Stippling, Sponging on/off, Glazing, Dry-brushing
Ageing and distressing techniques
Patterning Techniques- Stencilling
Fakery: Tortoiseshell, Marbling, Wood graining, Bronzing, Verdigris
The painting of Water and Garden cement sculptures
Furniture and Screens.

Most of these commissions can be seen on this website. Murals done in public places can be visited.